Reconditioning of Surface Tables and Surface Plates

UKAS LogoFor companies requiring a granite surface table to be lapped or a cast iron surface table to be scraped to a specified grade or tolerance we are able to undertake the reconditioning service work on site and at the company’s  convenience.

This on-site refurbishment service is designed to shorten the length of time the table is out of commission thereby minimising the amount of disruption to the company.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians have more than 20 years of experience, their experience allows them to quickly restore your plate to the required tolerances.

Following the reconditioning process the surface table or surface plate is calibrated and a UKAS Certificate of Calibration issued.

BS817: 2008 specifies that surface tables have 4 specified grades these are:

Grade 0: Calibration Grade – These tables are normally found in laboratories or temperature controlled environments where high accuracy work is undertaken.

Grade 1: Inspection Grade – These tables are usually for tool-making, precision grinding and inspection.

Grade 2 + 3: Workshop Grade – These are used for measuring lower accuracy work such as turning, milling and lower accuracy grinding.

These are only guidelines as some companies, for example, have higher accuracy turning and milling and therefore may require a table that better suits their needs.

Cast Iron Table Before Scraping Cast Iron Table Being Scraped Cast Iron Table After Scraping


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